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Members of the United Kingdom Kyudo Association, including four members from Meishin society attended this event celebrating the establishment of the International Kyudo Federation.

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The event comprised three elements:

  1. The international seminar held at the All Japan Kyudo Association Central DoJo at the Meiji Shrine, 10th – 12th April. Over three hundred Kyudo practitioners from 17 countries received instruction from Japanese teachers.
  2. Examinations for Sho Dan to sixth Dan at the same location on 15th April.


The Tokyo Central Dojo is a typical construction of the type to be found in most regions of Japan. It is large enough to accommodate fifteen people in three Tatchi (a group of five shooting together). A special feature is the rotating Azuchi (target area) that can be moved automatically to make room for Enteki shooting (shooting over 60 metres). In addition it has spacious rooms upstairs for Makiwara training (shooting at the close range target) and meetings.

The ShaJo (shooting area): # #

The Azuchi (target area): #

The Azuchi rotates to reveal the Enteki target: #

The Makiwara area (also used for Kendo training): #

Shooting during the seminar: # # # #

  1. The celebration Taikai held at the Nippon Budokan, 13th – 14th  April.#


The event was opened by Princess Takamadonomiya Hisako, patron of the All Japan Kyudo Association. Speeches were given by AJKA presidents Kamogawa Noboyuki Sensei, Hanshi 10th Dan and Suzuki Mitsunari Sensei, Hanshi 9th Dan.

# #

The event opened with a musical performance by Hibiki Doen on Drums and Takdeda Tomoko on flute and traditional Kyogen theatre by Okura Motonari and Okura Noriyoshi.
# # #


This was followed by demonstrations of the Kyudo tradition:

  1. The shooting of a whistling arrow by Ogasawara Kiyotada, 31st Head Teacher of the Ogasawara Ryu.#
  2. A demonstration of Koshiya Kumiyumi by members of the Satsuma Hekiryu. This is a form of shooting while moving typical of battlefield techniques during the feudal period.

# # # # # #

The official opening shooting (Yawatashi) was performed by Kamogawa Noboyuki, Hanshi 10th Dan

# # # # # # #

Demonstrations were given by Japanese teachers and representative teams from high schools and universities.

# # # # #

During the Taikai all participants, joined by a thousand Japanese practitioners shot two arrows at the target.

# # # #


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