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Kyudo means literally “way of the bow”. Historically it comes from two main lineages: mounted archery and archery on foot. These in turn, can be divided into a ceremonial tradition, which emphasised ritual and etiquette, and the warrior style, which expressed the vitality and technique for the battlefield. These two traditions have contributed to the development of Kyudo in its modern form as a discipline for peace and self-cultivation.

As a means of personal growth Kyudo is more than simply a form of archery. The regime of practice requires the use of etiquette to train attitude and behaviour. In becoming more open-minded, practitioners cultivate sincerity that gives vitality to the shooting and has meaning for their life.

The highest ideal of Kyudo is the simple beauty of shooting that is expressed through sincerity of action. This natural simplicity is at the heart of traditional Japanese culture.


The United Kingdom Kyudo Association is responsible for setting the very highest standards in practice and ensuring a rigorous standard of safety. All the groups of UKKA and its members must have the required insurance cover and be of the required level to use a bow and arrows in a designated practice place. Senior instructors must have at least the 5th dan level ( minimum of 6 years training and annual attendance to national and European training seminars) and preferably the title grade of instructor (renshi - minimum of 8-10 years training), or teacher (kyoshi - minimum of 15 years training). Ordinary instructors must be graded and have completed the necessary training in correct safety procedure.


The European Kyudo Federation was established in 1980 and has 15 member countries within its affiliation. An annual seminar and examinations are held under the auspice of the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF) to maintain the traditions of practice as established by the ANKF.


The International Kyudo Federation established in 2006. The umbrella organisation for world Kyudo it includes representation from Japan, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia.







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